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The following confidential information has been stolen from the Cappella Corporation archives, these files provide early information on several of the genetically engineered weapons currently in development by Cappella Corporation. It is my hope that this data will provide an indication of the capabilities of these creatures to allow the appropriate agency to prepare, because whether you're ready or not they are coming. - whisper



Description:  Analysis of Patient Zero has produced surprising results. With the knowledge we have gained we are now able to reproduce the process which lead to its creation, and are certain that this technology will lead to a whole new era of biological weapons.

Ferocity: 100
Intelligence: 40
Strength: 80
Health: 140
Regenerative Capability: 3
Offensive Rating: 17
Defensive Rating: 5






Cerberus - Fr-305/A

Description:  Early experiments into the ubermahn process in animals resulted in the creation of the this creature. Its razor sharp claws and heightened sense make it a powerful hunter. The over developed bone structure allow it to resist damage from light ordinance.

Ferocity: 77
Intelligence: 12 [22]1
Strength: 60 [90]3
120 [240]2
Health: 230
Regenerative Capability: 0
Offensive Rating: 44 [50]4
Defensive Rating: 13[23]5



Centurion - Fr-305/H

Description:  First generation autonomous assault weapon. Capable of regenerating at an unprecedented rate and possessing near human intelligence.  Make the Centurion class BioMutant ideal for both Combat missions and security.

Ferocity: 5
Intelligence: 45 [55]1
Strength: 120 [150]3
Health: 220
Regenerative Capability: 45
Offensive Rating: 61 [75]2
Defensive Rating: 0[20]3






Manticore - Se-1301/M-b2

Description:  The first true 2nd generation BioMutant.  We have finally been able to successfully integrate DNA from multiple species into a single humanoid host. Officially classified as an all terrain tactical assault weapon, the Manticore is destined to change the very nature of warfare.

Ferocity: 44
Intelligence: 31
Strength: 790
Health: 1440
Regenerative Capability: 0
Offensive Rating: 160 [45-5]1
Defensive Rating: 140 [50f]2

Note: The development of Egg sacs for the Manticore means that is now capable of type two reproduction. Making it able to spawn Fury class BioMutants.





Fury - Se-621/M1301

Description:  The fury is a 2nd generation BioMutant, spawned by Manticore class BioMutants.  There near human intelligence and size make them a dangerous stealth weapon.  Further study is need to fully understand the significance of these creatures.

Ferocity: 17
Intelligence: 50
Strength: 27
Health: 40
Regenerative Capability: 2
Offensive Rating: 32
Defensive Rating: 7




Zombie - Z-2615/H

Description:  The development of Necro Reanimation Gas has allowed us to temporarily reanimate dead tissue creating a Zombie like creature.  The effects however, are only temporarily; as the effects of the gas burn out the remains of the subjects nervous system within a few hours. Although the Zombies process minimal mental capabilities and are driven by basic impulses, they none the less make excellent cannon fodder.

Ferocity: 100
Intelligence: 20
Strength: 80
Health: 280
Regenerative Capability: -1
Offensive Rating: 15
Defensive Rating: 5




Prometheus - Z-1618/H

Description:  Continued research into the reanimation of necrotic tissue has yet to produce sustainable results.  Although by combining mechanical implants and recent breakthroughs in genetic engineering have allowed us to create this fearsome weapon.  Armed with a flame thrower and a buzz saw the Prometheus is able to cut a path for destruction through both the living and the dead.

Ferocity: 50
Intelligence: 45
Strength: 80
Health: 1000 [2000]2
Regenerative Capability: 0
Offensive Rating: 65
Defensive Rating: 0 [10]2