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Entry 10

The wind of autumn swept across the field,
as a pair of white sleeves whispered in a sea of fallen leaves:

Notes without words,
Long and winding;

A farewell without tears;
Like parting clouds,
Like meeting winds.

A string slapped. The music stopped.

Ichiwa held out her arm, to shed the red tear on her father's grave.
Inside her sleeve, was the seal of Chiba--a circle of three leaves, one following another.
As the warm blood met the cold grave, the seal of Chiba rotated:

The passing of one, the coming of another.

A white falcon landed besides Ichiwa. She untied a message on its leg.
Autumn's wind swept across the field as the falcon launched into the sky.

A feather floated,
in the sea of a thousand leaves.

Name: Chiba, Ichiwa (A thousand leaves, one feather)

Gender: Female
Age: 33
Martial Status: Single

Official Role: Senator of the Imperial Court
Hidden Role: Radicals Leader

Family: First daughter of the former Senator Chiba, now deceased.

Traits: Strong, determined, calm, quiet, and intelligent
Appearance: Unadorned, simple, natural, unremarkable

Hobbies: The usual arts of the court: Koto, Go (chess), poetry, and calligraphy.

Martial Arts: A retractable halberd--naginata, and wooden Buddhist beads as short-range projectiles.

Pet: A white falcon--a messenger.

Best friend: Her old teacher's servant who had studied besides her since childhood.