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Entry 2

Seven years have passed since the burning of the village. The carnage hasnít stopped and village after village is still being burnt and plundered.

Shai remembered clearly the die her children died, and the promise she made.

Beneath the rubble of her former village is a labyrinth of caves and rooms, all of which were lit by torches hanging from the walls. This is the location of Shaiís army, which she named using only one word: Vengence. For seven years the group has been growing larger and larger.

The army is made up of all kinds. Men, women, and children. All of whom are warriors. Anyone Shai sees as having the courage to fight, regardless of size, she will accept.

Vengence is hidden away beneath the ruins, in the middle of huge stretching fields. There is nothing to mark their location, and the only oneís who know of this army are the people who Shai or her most trusted soldiers have personally told. Their numbers have reached almost three thousand.

Outside of this man made cave, the word Ďvengenceí has no relation to any sort of army. The only way to recognize a person in this army is by the mark, which all the soldiers must wear. A two inch tattoo, which hides neatly away on the left side of the neck. It is drawn to look like a human heart, but shows only the darkest shade of black.

Shai has promised her soldiers that every single barbarian they kill will have his heart cut out, and they will roast it and eat it. She tells them that to eat the heart of these barbarians is to make sure their souls will never reach an after world, and they must spend an eternity in nothingness.

To eat a personís heart is to destroy their soul. They deserve no soul.

No mercy. It is a sentence she lives by, thinking of it as much as she can, so as to make sure she will forever be inspired to destroy the wretched beings who took her children. When she realized her army was growing, she made a vow to use these people to go from village to village among these barbaric people, and kill all of their children, and tie up and torture their adults and leave them to die.

No mercy.

Every day, she thinks of those two words, and remembers the feeling of the warm blood of her own children upon her face. She knows now that her children were soulless. They were mere tools for what her deity wanted her to do to these barbaric people. Every day her bloody war was becoming less of one for vengeance, and more of a holy war. She hasnít told her soldiers yet, of course, but she will.

She has taught them about her god. All people, good and evil, are rewarded for the struggles of life by a paradise in the afterworld. There are two exceptions for this- suicide will send you to nothingness, and having your heart eaten by man or animal will do the same.

It was a dream Shai had shortly after she lost her children. A great goddess appeared to her, calling itself Aarae, and told her what needed to be done to those barbaric people. Show them no mercy. It was the words Shai herself had used only days before and now Aarae was reminding her, inscribing it in her mind forever. No mercy.

Shai thirsted for blood. They must die.

No mercy.