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Entry 3


AEGER is a stereotypical Leersman; smug, self-righteous, a relentless do-gooder who appears only to lecture you on your actions and motivations. His eyes glowing white with power controlled only by years of discipline. Clad in blue and yellow dyed leather and ornate tribal armor, he glows softly with the blessing of the trichon, given to all those favored by the Dahl. He carries a sword of fire, and wears an amber pendant carved with the picture of an eye. His helmet is made of rare metals and patterned with tribal markings, leaving the bottom of his face uncovered. This helmet conceals a tattoo of a single dark, scarred eye, pulsating on every heartbeat; something Aeger does not want anyone to see, especially his fellow Leersmen.

Aeger appears to be in his late teens or early twenties, but this could be an illusion – the blessing has been known to grant long life and unnatural youth. While he is not a master of weapons, the blessing of the trichon means that he doesn’t need to be. With both the eyes of the Dahl and this blessing, he is endowed with all the power of a Leersman and cannot be defeated by the likes of Shai alone.

Aeger seems to have made it his goal to watch over SHAI, giving unwanted advice and unhelpful criticism, a constant thorn in her side that she cannot get rid of. He will be your adversary throughout the game. Warning you against revenge, condemning you when you enter a treasure hut for stealing, criticizing your behavior. He will do anything in his power to prevent you from pursuing the people who killed your family.

Aeger can project himself wherever he wishes, and he often will. On rare occasions he might help you, but he will hinder you far more often, sending other Leersmen to slow your progress. Every time you come close to defeating him or his comrades, he will leave smugly, satisfied that his actions have been for the best, and preparing for another demonstration of Dahl moral guidance.

Think of him as a guardian angel that seems content to laugh at your errors. AEGER is attempting to teach Shai a lesson, but he is going about it the wrong way; something that he may learn if you choose to be patient with this annoying recurring boss during dialogue sequences.

Getting him to remove his helmet and reveal the tattoo is quite a trick.


The DAHL have a history of being the guardians of peace throughout the tribes. Their people have always been united by strong moral character and a devotion to virtue instilled since birth. Before their rule, they were arbiters, soldiers, and evangelists; focusing their order on the territories no other tribe would dare to explore, lands of barbarians and outlaws. On these lawless men, they imposed their doctrine of cultural judgement, and expanded their domain in places no other tribe dared. While they have not always been the reigning tribe, they have held the flightlands of Leer for forty years, and show no signs of weakness.

The surname Dahl in the tribal language comes from the root word meaning ‘mountain.’ It is fitting, then, that the Dahl were the first tribe to learn to move the mountains, to learn to guide and navigate the flightlands, to turn them from their eternal orbit. It was this knowledge that secured Dahl power and authority over known tribal territories.

Historically, the flightlands have always been a symbol of power and divinity to all the tribes. Giant floating landmasses, with perfectly carved, glowing crystals growing from the bottom side, moving seemingly at random. Sometimes they enveloped a camp in shadow, taking away all heat, killing crops, and starving those foolish enough to stay. Other times the crystals aligned perfectly, creating shimmering fields of lights and color, considered a great blessing to anyone who saw it.


Leer, city of the moon, gift of the heavens, has long been the traditional home of the tribe in power. An ancient city, LEER is the sole flightland which is reachable by mere mortals. Descending to the Pall Cliffs every lunar cycle, Leer’s orbit intersects with numerous other flightlands, making it self-sufficient and a domain unto itself. Whoever controls the moon has the eyes of the heavens, and can see all proceedings on the earth below.

It’s said that all life came from the heavens, to the flightlands, to Leer. Leer is older than recorded history; tribes from all corners meet there to discuss matters of importance, and so its population is a melting pot. Most ruling tribes do not allow people outside the tribe to leave from Leer to the other flightlands. All roads lead there, all trade passes through the districts of PALL CLIFFS, a town built solely due to its proximity to the moon city,


A TRICHON is the name for the phenomenon when the massive crystals of flightlands reach an alignment, and create columns of light, of every color and hue. Once thought to be a good omen, when the Dahl took power, the light took on a much different meaning.

In the past, ruling tribes have long used the boon of the flightlands to ensure other tribes did not overthrow them, or to seek out new lands to conquer. The Dahl tribe, with its ability to change the orbit of the flightlands, has used them to illuminate their own lands, to spy out evil within their borders, and to send their avatars to judge it accordingly. They have adopted the lesser flightlands as floating watchtowers, outposts of the vigilant eyes of the Dahl.

The trichon watchtowers have become a symbol of the will of the Dahl, their strength, their mercy, and their justice. The trichons themselves no longer shine their natural blessings on the land, but are focused, artificially, to shine the harsh light of truth on those who would seek to conceal their affairs from the Dahl. When aligned, they can even manipulate the crystals to drape the land with walls of fire, preventing evil from roaming freely.