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Entry 5


Sample Character Profile

Name: Kael of Krome 
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 23rd 1167
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Secret Identity: *****


Kael of Krome is a strapping 6í fellow with firm muscles and beguiling looks.


His appearance is rather conspicuous due to a broad swathe of silver hair, braided through the middle of his blue/black shoulder-length hair and tied tightly with red and green twine.   His deep mirror-blue eyes can be quite alarming to look at if he happens to glance your way ominously, and yet they can also be quite beautiful if he looks at you auspiciously, a dilemma for spies and friends alike, as it is justifiably rumored he can see into oneís soul and, consequently, can glean oneís innermost secret intentions.


On his shoulder there is what seems like an old battle-wound when viewed from a distance, but on closer inspection it is a remarkable tattoo which resembles something akin to a bloodied sword, bound with thorns, piercing a precious looking gold flower.   There are notions, from many people in the surrounding areas that this tattoo shows that Kael descended from the Gods due to the composure of the flower, whereas others arenít so sure and say that he is the work of some devil due to the enmity of metal.   Either way, Kael always looked upon it as something to do with his destiny and, hopefully, of greater things to come!.



His attire consists mainly of furs and leather which, over the years, have become pock-marked with the dried blood of his enemies during many great battles.   He is an extremely awesome fighter on the battlefield and many unfortunates who see him charging about are so in awe of what theyíre seeing that they somehow seem to stand transfixed to the spot, unable to move, unable to realize until the utter final moment, that death is about to greet them with cold steel.





Kael came into this world the son of a noble leader and was duly marked with a special tattoo indicating his legacy.    He had an older brother and two sisters, each of whom had their own marks of destiny - their own paths to follow - and they loved their little brother without envy or hesitation.  


One day, when Kael was about three, a battle took place that shook the realm to its foundations.   Kael and his father were amongst 100 souls captured by barbarians and each was subjected to cruelty by the despicable hoard.   No-one knows just how many survived and fled during the battle, but some graciously did, including Kaelís brother and sisters. 


As weeks passed, many of the injured endured slow agonizing deaths when infections ran rife through the now hoard stronghold.   Kaelís father, now only hours from death, struck a pact with the hoard leader.   If he could spare Kaelís life to rear him with the hoard, then Kaelís destiny and allegiance would be to them and they would prosper more with him than without him.     So, the deal was struck.    Kaelís father died a broken man and Kaelís destiny was shrouded in mystery and forgotten. 





Skrate- Kaelís brother, age 32 -   After the battle, the siblings were all split up and have never seen each other since.   Skrate firmly believes his brother and sisters are alive.    Heís not too sure how or why, but he also seems to have the uncanny knack of knowing when things are going to happen, before they happen.

Redlem  -   Kaelís sister, age 28 -      It was soon after that terrible time that Redlem began developing some skills in healing and, over time, has become an exceptional healer of note in several communities.  


Pudlup Ė Kaelís sister, age 24 -   She still carries a lot of anger and fear with her and channels most of it into her battle training.   As well as having good fighting ability, her thinking is razor-sharp.   She has been searching, whenever she can over the years, for answers to where the familyís ultimate destiny lies and knows they have to be together again, in order to achieve it.