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Entry 6

Secret Meaning Of Tattoos:

Name: Micah
Meaning of the name: poor; humble
Height: 5 feet tall (short)
Eye Color: brown eyes
Hair Color: black
Body Build: slim
Skills: lute player

Goals: To find the rhythm of life and to discovery the most beautiful song that will change the hearts of the barbarians.

Conflicts: He is like the scare crow in the wizard of oz. He has no courage and is very humble and accepting of his fate. He does not wish to be helpless but was born weak in strength and has had no training with weapons. He struggles to find purpose in his own life.

Description: He has a tattoo on his left shoulder. It has been there since he was a little boy. An interesting design all in black and having a meaning that is lost with place that he came from. Standing only a short distance off the ground compared to the warriors whose tales he wishes to sing. There are many who overlook him as a simple child or a young lad.

Background: Born to a wealthy family in a land rich with culture and tradition he was tattooed at a young age and never truly understood the ceremony. From then on began to learn music and art from a legendary bard. Aside from about one hundred separate rituals performed at temples to appease god like statues as he was growing up he spent his time learning how to play many different instruments and how to sing and write songs. At about the age of thirteen he had composed several small musical pieces about his childhood most were happy and joyful and expressed his appreciation for those that helped to teach him. Soon after he had finished his first appearance as an apprentice to the a great bard with one of his own works their city was overrun and their defenses crushed by an overwhelming army of evil creatures. Micah happened to be at the right place at the right time in order to escape from onslaught. There was a young girl along with a stable boy who were out riding in the mountains to play a game Micah was at the top of the mountain playing his lute when they ran into each other. They could see the city clearly from their vantage point and thus see the smoke that rose from it. They were able to escape to a small village nearby and warn them. Though all hope of their old lives were lost under ash and rubble.