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Entry 2

For the past six months, small twisters have been appearing and disappearing over the middle west. Ships have sunk in a matter of seconds in whirlwinds. Torrential rains have struck some parts of South America. As a scientist formerly engaged in the Top Secret Armaggedon Project, you couldnít help but notice how wrong the weather had been going all over North America ever since your project was cancelled, due to a mysterious lack of advancement in the research, only weeks, at worst, of finally solving the last problems. Only, the Armaggedon Project was all about using top level technologies, including Microwaves large-field emitters, heavy laser beams, and other wave-patterns hidden in a network of small satelites to alter the weather. And the Doctor Ebenezer M. Awridge, the former director of the project, has recently been appointed in the Presidentís office, as special advisor. You had this nagging feeling that something was going wrong. Something was out of place. Something that should have been there and wasnít. Or was and shouldnít have been. And now, Johnny, the monstrous hurricane is heading directly towards New Orleans, Louisiana, menacing to destroy it a second time, after Katrina, but in a more definitive way. The Coming Storm is threatening the whole of the Southern States.

A possibility to save everyone still exists. You have to contact Awridge, and convince him to use the Armaggedon Project satelites to disassemble that Storm. But you have to do it quick. You only have a handful of hours before the storm reaches a point after which even erasing it will be futile. And your daughter is probably still there with that stupid trumpetist.

Fours hours gone, and Awridge finally calls you back. Time is running out. And the news arenít good. Yes, you were right, and the project was completed under the supervision of the Army, and yes, the project had ben tested over the past months. Yet, the President had decided that he wasnít ready to let the world discover that his nation had a weapon that powerful, even beyond nuclear power. Awridge is sorry, but he canít do a thing. Hands tied. Get lost, you morons. Millions of people are going to die, and thousands of billions of dollars of property destruction, just so that the US could keep a strategical advantage over the next few years, at the cost of decades of work to rebuild the destroyed buildings and the shattered souls. No. No one is going to die or lose a thing. Not if you can help it. You are no special agent, and you are definitely NOT fit as a reservist, and time is WAY beyond last limit. But you would die of shame and remorse if you werenít to try something. Anything, really. Even trying to smuggle yourself into a hidden and top secret facility to regain use of the satellites, and try to save the world yourself.

Okay, maybe, youíll need a hand, and you should try to contact your former fellow-scientists on this project, just to see if they were in it with you. And maybe youíll need someone who is still fit and able to knock someone out quickly. But if everything else fails, if it all comes down to you, youíll find it in you to do it all yourself. You hope.

Enter this incredible story, and live a fast paced adventure, in which everything is timed. Try to contact some allies and form your team, play through different levels with different characters, none essential, all able to die, and leave you with a hole in your team, not even YOU! Fail, die, and try something else, to get to your goal, because the situation will change, after that. Find out about the secrets of the project, and about the different possible endings of this thrilling avdenture.

Letís see how fast you can do it, and how many people you can save. Letís see if scientists can become heroes, when the need arises. Letís see this fattie trying to hide in the shadows. Letís see this allergic trying to crawl in the dusty air conducts without alarming the guards. Letís see Old Man Weezy running before the dogs. Letís see the real stuff of heroes.