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Entry 8

(A full FMV is used for the intro. The graphics top that of even the best modern games. In fact, they look absolutely real, but much cooler. With a sort of dark twang to the colors around and a bit of a faded look, to make it more moody. All the characters on screen at this moment are also ridiculously good looking. Way beyond anything seen in real life.) (A fast paced classical song with high strings begins to play, and before it does, the screen fades in from the opening credits to display clips of the game. First, there is a really good looking guy’s face and he looks unbelievably panicked as he looks over his right shoulder past the camera. The strings change an octave and as they do the screen changes to show a group of people running through a corn field from some unknown threat. The music suddenly gets even more dangerous.) (Vocals cut in. Fast paced ones that don’t seem to be saying anything except random variations of the word “Oh!”. More people running. A symbol crashes, and as it does an explosion fills the screen. Another symbol, lightening pierces a stormy sky. One more symbol shows a man running into his cellar with his family, and as he does he slams the storm door shut just as the symbol sounds.) (Silence. Then the music fades back in. Slower now, still high pitched strings. A man is seen from about 20 feet away from the back in front of a burnt corn field huddled down on the ground, his hands covering his face. The camera does a quick fade and pans up from his knees to show his face. He brings his hands down and his tear stained eyes show definite resilience in his blemish free face. The world around him is reflected perfectly in his bright bluish gray eyes. The music draws to a sad and hopeless close.) Man- Never again. (His voice is dark and mysterious. No one actually talks like that in real life- except him. He stands up and turns his back on his burnt corn field. The camera watches him walk away, and a few more pulls on the violins play. The screen fades to black.) (Words flip/fade onto the screen, which is now fading in to a grayish color. The letters are white, and when they are all together display the game title.) FARMER MAN (A subtitle with red lettering opens outward underneath the main title.) The Coming Storm (Quiet and fantastical music starts to play. Maybe a solitary flute off set by a heavy bass drum. The usual game options appear. New Game and Load Game. However one tricky one appears. Support the ACGA. When this is selected, we find out that it is some unbelievably long and unnecessary spiel about the American Corn Grower’s Association. It has fun pictures of corn in it. At the very end of all this they go on about the sad tragic tale of this game is actually true, and we can all help corn growers everywhere by switching to ethanol oil.)