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The works of Lex Morrison



Online Stories:



        The following page is designed to keep people up to date with my current writing. You can access information of my various projects, as well as read some of my work that I have published on the web. 


June 9,2003

       Well Things have just gotten underway and everything is still under construction  so check back regularly as there will be numerous updates over the next week.

 June 26, 2004

       Its been a long time since I updated this site but I'll try to keep more up to date in the future.  Since my last update I've rewritten Zodiac parts I&II although they are not error free they should still be interesting reads for all concerned. Currently I'm fixing up and making revisions to Chapter 1 of The Broken Church and plan to continue writing either Zodiac or Broken Church after the revision are complete.   Also for fans of my work I may at that time decided to post two of my short stories online as well as the first Chapter of the Broken Church, but you'll have to wait and see what I decided.


       In more personal news I shall soon be leaving to start a new life teaching English in Thailand, it should be a rewarding and interesting experience and I am look forward to it with feelings of both anticipation and anxiety, so look forward to a section on my travels in Thailand to be added to this site in the near future.


Unpublished Short Stories:

The Cup of Happiness
The Tale of Dr. Solomon

Novels in Progress.

The Broken Church -on Hold
Dark Horizons -on Hold

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